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This play is one comedic succession of confrontations after another, but could there possibly be a meeting of the minds?


Dates of Production:

Jan. 9 thru 25, 2015



Jim Banta as “Hal,” Taylor Figg as “Catherine,”

Susan Rardin as “Clair,” Bernard Wurger as “Robert” Director: Marsha Grant

Reservations Required: (317) 926-3139

or: epilogue.players@yahoo.com




A Play by

David Auburn

Nov. 7 thru 23, 2014353"SQUABBLES"


 For a Comedy by                 

Marshall  Karp



Nov. 9 & 10: 7 pm at the theatre

Cast Needed (stage ages)

Jerry Sloan (38) - Jingle writer

Abe Dreyfus (72) retired cab driver - Jerry’s father-in-law

Alice Sloan (35) Lawyer - Jerry’s wife

Mildred Sloan (66)  Jerry’s mother

Sol Wasserman (70) Retired Pharmacist - Abe’s neighbor

Mrs. Fisher (55) A governess

Hector Lopez (40) Puerto Rican handyman


Director: Ed Mobley

Info: edncathy@sbcglobal.net or (317) 690-0783